The other option is getting an nvidia card and designating it as a physx only card alongside of your AMD card. So no, it’s not possible anymore. You use your CPU for physX. Rove View Profile View Posts. You’re not missing out on much anyway. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Data from March 2.

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Originally posted by Bad-Motha:. PhysX setting is still there, depends on the game.

Hybrid PhysX

So much misinformation in this thread. Data from March 2.

Impossible to convert this to CPU on current systems. There are dangers to that, but I wouldn’t classify that under the realm of physx causing you to damage your AMD GPU, rather installing incompatible drivers causing the amd radeon physx.

Hybrid PhysX – PhysX Wiki

The other option is getting an nvidia card and designating it amd radeon physx a physx only card alongside of your AMD card. Community Forums Community Guidelines. Some games just needs to have PhysX installed even if you don’t have a Nvidia card, just disable Phyzx in the game setting if it can be changed.

News Partners Store Prime Access. Amd radeon physx disabled according to INI. That’s why you need to install it. However, I don’t think WF is one.

Is Nvidia’s PhysX causing AMD frame rate problems in Gears of War?

It can not use it, can it? Basically, Apex PhysX effects require specialized hardware to run, hardware that only Nvidia has the patents for. Kazz View Profile View Posts.


So in serious high-end missions, I amd radeon physx it off anyway. Hi guys, I’ve got two AMD Radeon HD sapphire crossfired and I was curious if it is possible for phsyx to get those pretty particle effects in warframe Last edited by UltrAramA ; May 15, 6: This is Amd radeon physx to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. Makes you want to regret AMD doesnt it?

As for the CPU amd radeon physx, the only experience I have with it was with my old computer, which had an HD mobility card, and an i5 2. It doesnt work with the latest version of Physx that warframe uses and afaik there are no plans to continue support. The Hpysx effects in Warframe adds a lot to the experience, despite what all amd radeon physx nay-sayers in the comments before me say.

Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. Our results refute this claim.

Is Nvidia’s PhysX causing AMD frame rate problems in Gears of War? – ExtremeTech

What I found — and I wish I had screenshots of this — was that every single game-related INI amd radeon physx contained the following: The first is http: You’re no longer talking getting a program to run on hardware that’s already functioning properly, but instead trying to use completely incompatible drivers with a piece of hardware they aren’t designed for. In essence, the CPU is a “Jack of all trades, master of none” while the GPU, by default, is designed to handle and process complex arithmetic functions at a amd radeon physx speed for processing vector graphics Right now, the situation is reminiscent amd radeon physx Arkham Knight.


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PhysX option is disabled in games. I heard some stories where people managed to run it on their cpus, even with an Raadeon gpu, but it really melts it down amd radeon physx you will need a radein monster pc if you want to do that.

You could try Hybridz or any sorta hybrid build and will find it doesnt work because Warframe uses the latest version of Physx and afaik efforts amd radeon physx developing hybrid setups and the software needed for it have stopped as Nvidia continues to make it more and more difficult.